Social Media is the perfect way to promote yourself!

As a real estate agent, there are a lot of benefits to be on Social Media! You do not only reach out to a wider audience, you also learn through statistics what your followers like/don’t like.

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Benefits of Social Media

Below we list 6 of the most important benefits of using Social Media as a real estate agent or agency. By strengthening your brand / position online, you reach more potential buyers. It also has an effect on your internal website visits with inbound and outbound links (SEO).

A free platform!

Promote you and your company in the best way + free. Never underestimate the importance of social media accounts. This will generate leads in the long run.

Real Estate Agents can find their audience.

With Social Media, Real Estate Agents can find their own audience. They follow you because of your work. A brand new customer basis that is only yours.

Choosing your own content.

You as the owner of the Social Media account can decide what you want to show and not. You control your own brand.

Virtual house tour.

Your new Social Media-customer base will be able to reach out to you through your videos and your virtual house tours. And if you hadn’t made a video on your upcoming sale, they would never have seen it.

Use your Social Media as a resume.

Show off your best self and show your followers who you are. Let them get to know you!

What People say about us ?

If we sum up the feedback we have received, real estate agents think we are great. User-friendly and smart features. By building up your own profile, it is well appreciated from our customers as well as potential home buyers. Joining us on Liveio is an effective and inexpensive way to both reach out and find leads.