General Terms ("Terms")


1. Background and scope

Below Livelio Real Estate Advertising Network AB is called for the "Supplier" and the Customer for the "Customer" and these terms and conditions apply to the Customer's publication of advertisements on the Supplier's Website for the sale and rental of housing ("Object") via the Supplier's marketplace on the internet

The terms and conditions apply, to the person who visits the Supplier's marketplace to establish contact with Customers who sell or convey Sale or Rental of Objects.


2. The Listnings

The Customer gives the Supplier the right to publish the agreed advertisement on the Internet in the agreed execution and at the agreed time.

The parties agree that, within the agreed period or within five working days of the Contract, the Supplier publish the agreed advertisement regarding the Object through the agreed sales channel at the Supplier's Market Place.

Customer agrees that the advertisement may have been copied in whole or in part during the time it has been published and may therefore be available to third parties even after the Supplier has removed the advertisement. The content of the Object may then be processed and customized by the Supplier for use by the Supplier in any medium.

The Supplier has the right to use the Object for own marketing purposes even after the transaction involving the Customer and the Object has been completed in all other respects.

Supplier's right to publish and use the Object and the assignment to sell or rent the Object is filed without the Customer's claim for further compensation.


3. Price etc

Advertising on the Supplier's website is subject to the agreed fee according to agreement between the Supplier and the Customer. Unless a special price has been agreed, the price resulting from the Supplier's applicable price list shall apply between the parties.

Customer shall pay the Supplier with payment terms 10 days net. In case of late payment, interest will be paid according to the interest rate act. In case of late payment, the Supplier reserves the right to also charge the Customer a cost of reminder and collection fee under applicable legislation.


4. Customer's obligations and obligations, rules for advertising

The Customer undertakes to follow the Supplier at any time, instructions for the advertisements and their content. 

Customer agrees with and accepts the following terms and conditions:

• The content of the Customer's advertisement must be designed in such a way that it complies with the law applicable to this agreement and may be updated as a result of the promotion and rental / rental that may be actualized by the Object.

• The Customer's description of the Object shall in all respects be correct and accurate.

• The ad's detailed design should be consistent with good practice in the industry.

• Customer who is a consumer has a right of withdrawal when purchasing an advertisement in accordance with applicable legislation. The right of withdrawal assumes that advertising has not already taken place. If the customer regrets within 14 days from the entry into the contract of publication and conditions for the right of withdrawal, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement and to reimburse payment.

• Images of persons may not be published by the Customer unless they have given their written consent that the image is used for an advertisement regarding the Object.

• The customer is responsible for the fact that all material such as this adds to the advertisement does not infringe on the rights of third parties.


5. Error, delay and complaint

Complaint of errors in the publication should be done promptly. Complaints that occur later than three years after the agreement has been entered into shall be regarded as a late complaint and shall not cause any legal consequences. In the event of a failure and delay in claiming an advertisement, the Supplier's liability is limited to an amount corresponding to the cost of the advertisement.


6. Cancellation of Advertising

The supplier undertakes to publish the advertisement during the agreed period. The Customer is entitled to request that the Supplier remove the ad and the Customer will then only have an obligation to pay for the time the ad has been published. If the customer requests that the ad be removed, the Supplier shall remove the ad without delay and no later than three business days. Requests for the Ad to be deleted or termination of the publication agreement must be made in writing. In case of termination of the agreement, the Customer's obligation to pay payment for the service already performed remains.

The Supplier reserves the discretionary right to cancel further publication of the advertisement. The Object if the Supplier thinks or fears that the advertising may violate these terms or applicable law under this agreement or legislation that otherwise covers the business that the Object expresses.


7. Responsibility and Limitation of Liability

The supplier does not guarantee permanent and uninterrupted access to the Object during the time of publication under the agreement. In case of interruptions in the provision of the Publishing Objects that exceed a total of 48 hours, the cost of the Object shall be reduced to a reasonable extent. In case of interruption in the provision of the publishing Object, the Supplier's liability is limited to an amount corresponding to the ad expense.

The liability of the supplier for damage is limited to an amount equal to the amount that the Customer has to pay to the Supplier for the advertisement to be published on the Supplier's marketplace.

The Customer shall indemnify the Supplier for the third party's claim that the Object infringes its right or if the Supplier is otherwise required to pay compensation to third parties in connection with the Supplier's publication of the Object.


8. Liability in relation to third parties and applicable law

The supplier has no liability for damage that may affect a third party. If third parties consider themselves injured, suffered or have claims against the Customer or Customer's Customer in connection with the sale or leasing of the Object, the injured party is referenced to turn to his contractor with his claim.

The supplier is not responsible for the objectivity of the Object and the information that may be provided by the person or persons responsible for the advertising through the Object. 

The site is a marketplace where sellers, buyers, tenants and tenants can find each other to conduct business. The Supplier accepts no responsibility for the fact that the business described or proposed in the Object is legally enforceable in the country where the property, the apartment or the object covered by the Object is located. The customer and the person who intends to conduct the deal with the Customer is responsible for utilizing the expertise required to make such assessments as appropriate.


9. Intellectual Property Rights

The person who visits the Supplier's marketplace does not acquire any right to the Supplier's additional intellectual property rights. Nor does it make an announcement by the Supplier on the marketplace. If applicable, the Supplier reserves the right to all material posted on the marketplace. The latter does not apply to content on the marketplace that Customer creates or sets up through his ad.


10. Marketing 

Existing promotion through the Object and subsequent contacts with customers who contact the Customer in connection with the Object shall, where appropriate, be consistent with applicable law under this agreement and the legislation that may be actualized in connection with the property or apartment covered by the Object.

Liveio reserves the right to share Objects via social media. Should you as a real estate agent not want this, it must be notified by emailing us at [email protected]


11. Condition change 

The Supplier is entitled to change the terms and conditions as well as the agreements already reached. Such changes shall take effect not earlier than 30 days after the Supplier informed Customer of any change to be made.


12. Legislation on personal data

By the conclusion of the agreement regarding the Object, the Customer agrees with the Customer that, if applicable, Customer is to the Customer that the Supplier handles their personal data according to the Supplier's Personal Data Policy. Read more under Privacy Policy.


13. Applicable law 

Swedish law shall apply to the Supplier's agreement with the Customer.


14. Disputes

Disputes arising from this agreement between Supplier and Customer shall be settled by the Swedish Public Court with the Umeå District Court as the first instance.