The best way to go about installing a closet?

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The best way to go about installing a closet?

I have a home I am fixing up and intend on renting out or selling, currently undecided on that.

Anyways, the main bedroom does not have any closet space but it is a fairly large room. I was thinking of putting in a closed-in closet system to give the space added storage options. 

It is a rectangular space with an access door to enter the room as well as one to a small master bath.  There are 2 large windows on the opposite wall of the entrance to the room.

By Jim B. | 21 Apr 2020 18:51

I would place the closet in the opposite space across from the bathroom door. You should fix it to the corner and build out the frame there. Depending on how large you want to make it, you might have room to the right of it which you could also install shelving if you wanted. If the length is not too wide, I would go for a full wall length closet system with a his and hers side. You can put full-length mirrors on the doors as well to make it look more professional and established. 

By Dave Kelly | 22 Apr 2020 17:46