Move out the way!

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Move out the way!

If you are in the middle of trying to sell a property, it is important as a homeowner looking to sell that you stay out of the way of a potential buyer. You want to allow them to freely roam the property and take it in without being over their shoulder and talking their ear off. I know from experience that a once over works the best and allowing them to go where they want in the home and ask questions along the way is ideal. You don't want to keep trying to sell the home to them. Allow them to be in their mind for a while so they can see themselves in the home and picture what it has to offer for them. 

By Jennifer | 24 Apr 2020 21:34

I remember the first home I considered buying myself. It was a bit much because of the way the homeowner was acting. I couldn't go anywhere in the home without them over my shoulder. I ended up walking away from the idea of buying it because of that so you are spot on with this.

By Nick Mitchell | 26 Apr 2020 17:54

Some homeowners are not able to move their items from the home until they know they have sold it. This is the case when they are tighter on money as well. I think it is important for them to have somewhere to go to be out of the way if a relator will be touring the house with the potential buyers. 

By | 27 Apr 2020 23:13